shiN sekAI

M ◕ 22 ◕ Muslim ◕ LoL Player ◕ Cats, Mangas and Rain Lover ◕
“It no longer looks like the Uchiha coup d’etat can be prevented. And if civil war erupts in the Leaf, other nations are certain to invade. Real war will break out. When I tried to stop the coup d’etat with the Kotoamatsukami, Danzo stole my right eye. He doesn’t trust me. He intends to protect the village his way, no matter what it takes or how it looks. I suspect he’ll come after my left eye as well. So I want to give it to you before he has a chance. You are the only person I can count on, my best friend. Please protect this village and the honor of the Uchiha name.”
 asked : Arrietty or Ponyo ?